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P J Livesey Westwood Hospital Site Letter 21 January 2014

This is the round robin letter sent to residents in the locality of the old Westwood Hospital site.  It is attached as a PDF.  The ‘significant disappointment’ comment was a pleasant surprise, it means that I will not need to camp out on a significant area of the common – with or without the permission of the Pasture Masters!

It would be a feather in the cap of Liveseys if they were to come forward with a plan to say thank you for putting up with us – on completion of the build.  Ideas as to what the thank you could be would be welcome. For example, some proper dog poo waste bins, replacement of the  picnic tables, some new benches, planting a few more trees to replace the ones they are taking out, paying for some much needed tree surgery on the mature trees to prolong their lives.  I am sure there must be better/more ideas!

P J Livesey 31 January 2014 PDF