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Beverley Westwood a car park or common land

All day car parking on the verges of the Westwood is increasing, some are even parking beyond the tree line.  Whilst I understand that some of the cars belong to people using the common for recreational purposes, most of the cars are there all day.  Parking is at a premium in Beverley, those working in Beverley must find the cost of parking a real drain on their pockets.  What are your views on this unsightly problem?

P J Livesey Westwood Hospital Site Letter 21 January 2014

This is the round robin letter sent to residents in the locality of the old Westwood Hospital site.  It is attached as a PDF.  The ‘significant disappointment’ comment was a pleasant surprise, it means that I will not need to camp out on a significant area of the common – with or without the permission of the Pasture Masters!

It would be a feather in the cap of Liveseys if they were to come forward with a plan to say thank you for putting up with us – on completion of the build.  Ideas as to what the thank you could be would be welcome. For example, some proper dog poo waste bins, replacement of the  picnic tables, some new benches, planting a few more trees to replace the ones they are taking out, paying for some much needed tree surgery on the mature trees to prolong their lives.  I am sure there must be better/more ideas!

P J Livesey 31 January 2014 PDF

Beverley Westwood

Beverley has four pastures, East and South East of the town, aligning the river Hull are the pastures of Figham and Swinemoor.To the East and South East of the town are the Westwood and Hurn in the form of one large pasture.

Burton Bushes abutting York Road is all that remains of what were once the extensive woodlands of the Westwood and Hurn. It naturally provided wood for building timber and heating, it also provided an excellent source of income when the Borough finances were low.  Records show that St Mary’s Church was given four oaks to repair the building in 1520.

Chalk taken from the pasture was used for the foundation of Beverley’s streets and for making lime.  The Corporation obtained a regular income from leasing out lime kilns on the Westwood until 1812.  Clay was used for brick making by local brick makers, the North Bar in Beverley town is built with Beverley made bricks.  The signs of this industry are still to be seen in the many hollows and pits that give the pasture its character.

Visitors to the Westwood will notice that there is a Golf Course and Race Course on the pasture; it is understood that the Golf course is quite challenging and popular with visitors.  The Race meetings are attracting increasing interest and it hosts several events and festivals during the year.

The wellbeing of the pastures is overseen by the Pasture Masters, a group of men elected from the Freemen of Beverley each March.  Although the Pasture Act of 1836 clarified the right of the Pasture Masters to administer and enforce their bylaws, it did not state who ‘owned’ the land.  In 1978 the courts decided that the pastures were owned by the then Borough Council; it is now ‘owned’ by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council