St Mary’s Beverley

St Mary’s

Before about 1125, the parishioners would have had their own altar and Priest at the Minster.  Between 1125 and 1150, it was decided to build St Mary’s as a Daughter church.  At this time the church consisted of a chancel, nave and tower.  The church would have been served by one of the Minster’s Canons or his deputy.  The first Vicar was appointed in about 1263 and work resumed enlarging the church by the addition of transepts, aisle, clerestory and turreted West front.

On the 29th April 1520, the tower collapsed; it is thought that it fell onto the nave, killing a number of worshipers who were attending a Sunday service. In the following ten years the tower and nave were rebuilt, much of the work was paid for by the people of Beverley.

St Mary’s has a fascinating history, linked closely with the Guilds of Beverley.  For information on the church in the community today please visit:  ST Mary’s Beverley